Inviting people on a journey with Jesus.

"Troy Methodist Church feels like home. God's love abounds."

- Sue Hewitt

"I absolutely love this church and it's congregation. We are fairly new to the area and have begun attending services here. They have something for everyone, and everyone has made us feel so welcome."

Julie O.

"Wonderful message and service with great music weekly...A very welcoming church to all."

- Becky Schrage

"The first time we attended a service at Troy Methodist Church, we immediately felt like part of the family and couldn't wait to go back. Our kids love all the exciting children's programs. There are a lot of opportunities to grow and serve for my husband and I as well. We are inspired by Troy MC's mission to reach and serve the community with a Christ-like heart."

-Erica Graham

"Pastor Andy is real and relational, and the people are very friendly and welcoming."

- Dan Perry

"My family has attended this church for many years. It is home!"

- Rita Cooper Brandt

You Asked For It!

Over the last few weeks many people have submitted questions they would like to hear a pastor speak about from a biblical perspective. Some of them have come from members of our church. Others have come from those outside the church. But ALL the questions are great ones! We wish we had adequate time to address each of them. However, we believe everyone will benefit from the questions that have been selected for our seven-week series!
 So, are you ready for the lineup?
April 7 – Confirmation Sunday – How can I hear God’s voice?
April 14 – What should I do with my doubts?
April 21 – Graduation Sunday – How should a Christian decide how to vote?
April 28 – What should I know about “the rapture”?
May 5 – Why does God sanction killing in the Old Testament?
May 12 – How is it okay for women to be pastors?
May 19 – Why do bad things happen to good people?

It’s our hope that knowing the questions in advance will inspire you to invite friends or family members who would be interested to hear them addressed in church. This series will be a perfect opportunity to live out our mission as we invite people on a Journey with Jesus!

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