Spiritual Leadership Generator

Spiritual Leadership Generator

Learn what it means to be a spiritual leader and live into your calling!

Learn what it means to be a spiritual leader and live into your calling! The Spiritual Leadership Generator is a process for developing everyday followers of Jesus into spiritual leaders. We’ll look at biblical leadership through the life of Christ and dive into what it means to apply these concepts in our lives. This training integrates some of the teachings from Spiritual Leadership Institute around teams and around how to behave as a leader, not just the theological and biblical training, but why leadership and being a Christian go together. It’s a deep theological education designed at a lower shelf, not a watered down version.

The Spiritual Leadership Generator is designed for both clergy and lay leaders. Whether you are a minister, wall-street trader, elementary school teacher, police officer, NASA engineer, or a stay-at-home parent, the leadership concepts learned in this Leadership Generator can be directly applied to your life.
  • I'm a lay person – I have been in church a long time and struggle to connect my faith with my everyday life.
  • I'm in a leadership role – I feel uncomfortable leading and oftentimes I don’t feel fully equipped to do so like the pastors around me who have received substantial training. It feels like I have been thrown in the deep end. I want the tools that could help make me be a better leader.
  • I'm a staff person – I lead a ministry and sometimes it feels like I am doing it all myself. I try my hardest to recruit people who care about getting the work done but sometimes it feels like leading a team is more work than just doing it myself. I want to build a team of people around me who are committed to following Jesus and sharing the work together.
  • Walk away with a firm grasp on how what you have learned impacts you spiritually, relationally, emotionally, and vocationally.
  • Develop your spiritual leadership.
  • Sharpen your leadership skills.
  • See call and begin to embody call.

  • 5 modules over 10 months in a cohort of 5 people (we’ll take a short summer break)
  • Weekly 90-minute meetings – video and discussion + application and accountability (your group can meet at any time during the week)
  • 2 one-day retreats – worship, formation, relationship, vision casting – Kickoff on Saturday, January 20 (tentatively 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. with lunch at TMC)
  • Shared learning experience that is two-fold: learning and formation – content learning of some key concepts and cohort learning that's being formed spiritually
  • Learning from the experts in the field – integration of high-quality content by professors and practitioners
  • Additional monthly coaching for each group facilitator

  • Module 1 - Jesus As Leader
  • Module 2 - Leading Self
  • Module 3 - Leading Others
  • Module 4 - Leading Through Challenges
  • Module 5 - Multiplication

Although the actual cost of this seminary level year-long course is between $600-700, we are only asking you to invest $300. The rest will be offered through a scholarship from our church’s leadership development budget. Please don't let the out of pocket expense deter your participation -reach out to Andy for options.

Contact Andy (andy@troymc.org) if you and/or your band would like to participate together! We are praying for 20 people to invest in this life-changing journey – that means YOU!