Growing together on our journey with Jesus

We believe the Christian life is lived out in community and heart-transformation happens best in smaller groups. We offer a variety of small group options including Journey Groups on Sunday mornings or throughout the week and discipleship bands of 3-5 people. This is a great next step to grow in your faith and deepen community at TMC.

Check out the Journey Groups and seasonal classes that are currently meeting or upcoming at the link below.


What is an adult Journey Group? 

Journey groups are made up of people who meet on a regular basis to connect relationally, grow spiritually, and serve collectively with one another. 

What happens in a group? 

In Journey Groups, we build lasting friendships through a commitment to being 1) God-centered through some form of Bible study, 2) Authentic through sharing of the joys and concerns of life, and 3) Inclusive by welcoming everyone seeking godly community. Groups will often eat together, pray together, and simply do life together. 

What kind of Journey Groups are available? 

There are ongoing Journey Groups that meet year-round, ongoing Journey Groups that meet during the fall and spring semesters, and short-term Journey Groups that meet for the duration of a specific study. At the end of each session, you will have the choice of staying in the same group, trying a new group, or even taking a break. 

Who can attend? 

Everyone! Members, attenders, Christ-followers, and spiritual seekers. Most of our groups are mixed groups (open to men, women, married, and single). We also have groups that are specific to men, women, or young adults. 

Why should I join a Journey Group? 

We were designed by God to live in relationship with others. Positive life-change happens best when we are surrounded by friends who support, encourage, and challenge us. Journey Groups will help you feel like you belong in the Troy Methodist family. 

Will I feel intimidated by my lack of Biblical knowledge? 

Not at all! Our Journey Groups are designed to be a safe place for people who are taking steps to deepen their knowledge of God’s Word. You can ask questions, share your opinions and experiences, or just listen to others share. 


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